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Wei Xiang IMPROVED from 44 to 72 for Science! Previously tried sending him to tuition centre for lessons, but he cannot absorb much. Tutor Zi Wei is very clear & detailed in his explanation & very responsible too He helped my boy clarified many doubts, going through topics one by one, also explaining the background knowledge behind those concepts. My boy is now aiming for A next year! We are very happy with the service provided by LiteTutors, very personal, very professional. Even though Tutor’s Qualifications is not the main factor we considered, but seeing the Tutor’s Identification & Certificates give us the assurance we needed.

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Results IMPROVED from 14 to 66 within 6 months!
Tutor Ashley is a very good, responsible & committed tutor, my girl likes her alot. She will go through the basic concepts with her after school teacher finish teaching the topic, to clarify the doubts my girl still have. Tutor Ashley even prepared her own worksheets, focused on certain topics for each lesson & guide my girl on the techniques to apply the concepts to the question, also helped identify questions that are likely to appear in the exams.
My girl now have a much better understanding of her Chemistry concepts & most importantly she is enjoying her every lesson with Ashley! We would like to thank the wonderful team at LiteTutors for helping us get such a suitable tutor & we were able to see such vast improvements within such short period of time! LiteTutors really did a good job selecting tutors & we were very impressed that Tutor’s Identification & Certificates were shown to us before the lesson starts. It really gives us the peace of mind, knowing that my girl is well taken care of by a qualified tutor.

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All of the previous tutors I’ve engaged before turned up for the 1st lesson alone, I feel at ease when your manager accompanied our tutor Janelle to my place, & even showed me her IC & Certs before she starts the lesson, something I have never experienced before. And I can easily monitor the progress of my girl thanks to the handbook your agency provided, it definitely comes in handy for my girl & her tutor.

You guys never fail to impress me. Even though Ms Sim could no longer continue her lessons due to her studies, my girl really love the new tutor’s teaching style!
Using mind maps & summary for every topic! Will DEFINITELY refer your services to my friends!

I am really impressed that you guys will actually accompany the tutor to my place, prepared the handbook for my boy & log cards for the tutor. Never have I seen an agency that is so professional. You guys really know your stuffs well, thanks for sharing about the New Through-Train Pathways for Normal (Academic) Students, my boy is really motivated to achieve that!

I got a tutor for E Maths & POA for my Sec 3 girl, and a another tutor for Science for my Sec 2 Boy. Now that the exam results is out, I see IMPROVEMENTS.
I did not request for an A Maths tutor earlier as my girl is attending group tuition at a nearby tuition centre. But her results did not improve after 9 months of lessons. Even though home tuition is slightly more costly than group tuition, I see the real value of 1 to 1 tuition.
Thank you LiteTutors for getting me such wonderful tutors for my children.

Thank you LiteTutors for recommending tutor Ms Serene Tan to my 2 kids. They’re enjoying the lessons & always looking forward to the next lesson. Would like to engage another tutor to focus on Eng & Chi. Will still be continuing with tutor Serene for Maths & Science.
Thank you LiteTutors for the $20 Popular Vouchers that I received for referring Christine (my sis).

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LiteTutors will always serve you with the best of our ability. Our service does not stop at selecting the most suitable tutor for your child, or when we accompany the tutor to your doorstep. LiteTutors’ friendly coordinators will also follow up on your child’s academic progress regularly to ensure the best for your child.

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$25 – $40/hr
Full-Time Tutors / Graduates
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$40 – $55/hr
Full-Time Tutors
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Current / Ex-Sch Teachers
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