The Benefits of Home Tuition

Parents often want to do good for their children. In Singapore, parents want the best for their children. This applies especially in the aspect of education. We cannot deny that education is a huge part of our lives. After all, Singapore being ranked 5th in the world for its education system, has produced on numerous occasions the best students in subjects such as Science and Mathematics in the primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

We owe our success to many factors. For one, the unrelenting education system during the past decades has instilled a sense of discipline in most of us. We hear the importance of good results from our elders and we learn our mistakes from our teachers. We are a nation with a deep cultural respect for education and commitment to learning.

This is why Singaporean households spent an approximate $820 million on average (based on last 10 years) each year on tuition classes. Singapore has 400 or less primary and secondary schools in total, but an alarmingly higher number of tuition centres based on past year figures. The figure could be higher now.


Up to $500 is spent monthly per child on tuition for each household. Tuition is an essential part of a child’s learning when it comes to clarifying doubts or brushing up in lapses in the school syllabus. At LiteTutors, home tuition can be greatly beneficial to your child and does not have to be financially draining. Tuition centres often hire ad hoc or full time tutors and are situated at fixed locations. These factors contribute to the high fixed costs these tuition centres incur and these costs are then transferred to the tuition fees. At LiteTutors, quality home tuition allows the students the flexibility of choosing the location. Moreover, tuition frequency, fees and the choice of tutors can be customised according to each individual’s needs and budget.


Each child comes with a different learning curve and potential. During group tutorials in tuition centres, a teacher faces possibly up to 40 pupils, each with different abilities, different learning curves and different strengths and weaknesses. However, the teacher has to try his or her best to deliver teaching points to meet the needs of the class as a whole. Nevertheless, it is still impossible to fully monitor the progress and understanding of each pupil, in a group tutorial setting. 1 to 1 or small group tuition allows the tutor to truly focus on specific weaknesses, trace sources of misunderstanding and to resolve them accordingly in an environment conducive for focused learning. It is difficult and possibly obtrusive for a student to raise questions in the context of a large group tutorial. 1 to 1 tuition or small group home tuition ensures a greater level of personal attention for the student and further allows the tutor to calibrate the teaching styles or methods according to the needs and abilities of the student.


With private home tuition, the tutor travels to the students’ homes. Aside from the benefits of convenience, time savings and even safety, the student will be able to learn and study in a familiar and conducive environment of their choice. Established since year 2009, not only have we built up a database of more than 20,000 active tutors in all geographic areas of Singapore, we have also built a reputation as a reliable and efficient service for our users. LiteTutors ensures that only the most qualified tutors will be handpicked for your child. Our database of elite tutors includes university undergraduates to full time, current or ex-school teachers. All tutors have to be certified and verified by our coordinators before they can be engaged, which is why our tutors are highly competent and familiar with MOE syllabus.