What’s Better For My Child – A Know-All to Home and Group Tuition

There’s no shame in admitting that we all want the best for our child.

We try to send them to the best schools, give them all the toys they

want, give them attention and shower them with love. We understand

that it’s not easy raising a child in Singapore, the living costs are high,

school is demanding for the kids with the increasingly difficult syllabus

and faster teaching pace, we just cannot afford to let our children slip

behind. It is times like these where we notice our kids falling behind,

facing challenges in their schoolwork where we have to start considering

tuition for our kids.

Having tuition lessons for your children in Singapore is commonplace

and not doing so might actually seem to be putting your kid in jeopardy

of falling behind in class. Be it helping your child curb laziness, give them

more practice or providing extra guidance, tuition has shown to improve

your child’s grades. We are in a generation where just going to school

and completing your homework isn’t enough anymore. Tuition helps to

eradicate careless mistakes and cultivates the habit of checking through

your work and provides more exam papers under time pressure. In

recent years, more tuition teachers have also come up with alternative,

less conventional lesson styles to engage and interest students.

Frankly, we are spoilt for choice and there are tuition centers in every

mall and every other void deck. Even if there isn’t, tutors are also

available to visit your home for individual lessons with your child. More

often than not, we carelessly sign our kids up for tuition centers that we

come across or hear of from friends, without checking if they can really

provide the help our children need and only realize our mistake after

months of no improvements and wasted tuition fees. Even then, many

parents then send their children to brand name tuition centers with

significantly higher fees, associating it with better qualifications, which is

not always true.

which brings us to the age-old question; which is better: Individual

Home Tuition or Group Tuition?

1 to 1 Home Tuition

Individual home tuitions could be beneficial to your child in several

ways. For a start, it is more targeted towards each individual weakness

and lessons are planned based on the student’s pace, learning style and

ability. In the less stressful, more comfortable environment of their

convenient home, the student will feel more comfortable to raise

questions and spend less time traveling, which can be spent studying

more, resting or with family.

Moreover, with individual home tuition, one tutor will be able to teach

multiple subjects, timings are flexible and the tutor can give full-

undivided attention to the student, helping to keep them on track. It is

also easier to spot on the student’s exceptional learning needs or


However, there could also be a few reasons why home tuition might not

be for your kid. Some parents have pointed out the inability to cater to

the needs of their children and dishonesty from some tuition agencies.

Having individual home tutors also mean that they are not trained

educators. Parents have also posed a few problems such as insisting on

settling for cheaper, less qualified tutors and blacklisting them when

they yield no results.

Due to the multiple subjects incorporated into each lesson, there could

be insufficient time for the tutor to focus on all the subjects in the short

time span. Due to a lack of preparation before the lesson, many a times,

students tend to end up doing homework during lessons, which is a

waste of the tuition hours.

Group Tuition / Tuition Centres

Tuition centres have also been known to come up with fun, interesting

and engaging lessons for students. Tuition lessons in big groups are

suitable for all students as they can learn from each other, refresh their

memory and get a deeper impression of the lessons.

But these group lessons have their downsides as well. A larger group

lesson might not be able to cater to all students, the pace might be too

fast or slow, shy students might not dare to ask questions in class.

Due to the fixed timings, missed lessons can cause many complications

and students might not have enough time to clarify all their doubts in

class. A class environment might also be distracting to some students

and as such, it might not be the most effective method for your child. It

has also proven to be more expensive as classes are for one subject only.

Tutors may also be inexperienced and unqualified.

We’ve noticed a growing trend of parents opting for 1 to 1 home tuition

instead of group tuition, mainly due to the demanding school curriculum

and the before mentioned reasons. In fact, group tuition is becoming

increasingly obsolete as many students dread going to tuition centers

due to the inflexibility and timings of the lessons. They find that many

tuition centers give the same notion as they would have in school, and

may not be beneficial to students who don’t do well in the school


Embarking on a new tuition class might be quite a big decision so it is

important that you do sufficient research on what’s best for your child

before sending him/her to a specific class.