The Final Sprint to O Levels!

Your Last Opportunity to Help Your Child Will Be ONE STEP CLOSER to Getting Their Dream Job Such As Lawyer, Doctor, Or Even Highly Paid Programmer.

Wouldn’t It Be Nice To Help Your Child Live Their Dreams With An Experienced Maths Coach Taking Pressure Off You So You Can Spend Quality Time With Them?

Imagine the stress removed and one step closer to their dreams, it’s every parents’ dream, right?

To help their children live their dreams. If what I say resonate with you and you want your children to become better at maths then read on to understand better…

My name is Javier & I’m a Full-Time O Level Maths Coach for 4 years after graduating from NTU with a degree in Civil Engineering.

That’s me & my wife-to-be! (she’s currently teaching in primary school in the west)

In the last 9 years, i’ve helped over 120 O Level students struggling in E Maths & A Maths achieve huge breakthrough in their L1R5 or L1R2B2 grades so that they could get into their dream choice of JC/Poly Course.

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I realized that many students discover what they lack only when they start revising for their prelim exams.

Now, we’ve got less than 5 months to the O Level & this will be the most crucial & demanding months of their entire secondary school life.

They will be juggling with as many as 7-8 subjects, which leaves them with very little time for each subject.

This June Holidays, I will be starting my 24 Weeks “Conquering O Level Maths” Coaching Programme where i will personally show your child exactly how I’ve helped my previous students get A1s & A2s for their E Maths & A Maths & how they got into the JC/Poly Course they want.

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This is definitely not a crash course programme, it is meant to get your child on track in the shortest time possible, build up their self-confidence, self-motivation, improve on their study habits so that they can become a better learner & more independent thinker.

In my coaching programme, i will focus heavily on proper applying of maths concepts & very practical time management skills => the 2 very factors that caused students do badly for their Maths exams.

  • Help Narrow Down Scope of Topics to Focus On, Brush Up & Clarify Doubts On Concepts Likely to Appear in Exams!

  • Reinforce Key Formulas & Expose Them to Likely Exam Questions So They Can Enter Exam Hall With Confidence & Clearer Idea of What to Expect!

  • Learn How to Structure The Thinking Process So They Can Solve Almost Any Unfamiliar Problem In O Levels!

  • Customized Feedback & Assistance Provided For Each Individual Student So They Get Exactly What They Lack!

  • Limited Slots Available! This Is The FINAL PREPARATION PHASE of My Conquering O Levels Maths in 24 Weeks Intensive Coaching Programme

I conduct this coaching programme in really small groups of less than 5 students & they are encouraged to stay throughout the entire day instead of just the usual 2 hours, where they can revise their maths in a disciplined, conducive, encouraging environment.

Due to my limited time & resources, i have a couple of slots still available.

Do drop me a message or whatsapp 96553045 so that we can get in touch, as I will need to understand more about your child before I can be sure that your child will benefit from this.

I’m looking forward to talk to you parents, I believe every child should land their dream job they want and make their parents proud.