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Have your OWN teaching materials? Tell us NOW!

Tutors who have their SELF-CREATED teaching materials (e.g. Mind Maps, Summary Notes, Lesson Plans) are NOW in HIGH DEMAND!

An INCREASING number of parents have been asking for tutors who provide their OWN teaching materials, and we’ve received MANY positive feedback of students finding them BENEFICIAL, EASIER to UNDERSTAND the concepts taught as well as making the whole process of revision A LOT FASTER!

GONE are the days where tutors are only required to use assessment books in their teaching, MANY parents are now WILLING TO PAY MORE for tutors who have OWN teaching materials & INTERESTING teaching methods that can make the child REGAIN interest in the various subjects!

Are YOU one of them? Let us KNOW!

Upload a copy of your teaching materials, together with a short write up on your teaching methods when you register!


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