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Considering how much content is in the examinable syllabus and how quickly each new chapter is taught in school, it is no surprise if students face an overload of information and forget certain concepts from time to time.

However, the problem here lies with students not knowing what they do and don’t know and only finding out when they start their revisions, which is often too late.

But now that the mid-year exams are over, students’ minds are fresh with the concept and can easily identify which areas they require more help in.

Studying together

There are many factors that could contribute to a student’s academic performance: the quality of the teacher, the studying methods the student adopts, student’s time management skills, revision planning, learning styles etc.

Many a times, even though the student understands the concepts, he/she may not know the correct way to present the answers or to apply them correctly.

College student study in the class

In a high-stress environment where students and teachers are pressurized to excel, schools may not serve as the most conducive environment for a student’s learning; fellow peers are also facing equal levels of stress and teachers are overloaded with work and may not have time to go through every single question.

Doesn’t help that students may get demoralized when their friends around them do better than them.

As such, the student may not be able to learn to the best of his ability.

Smart student

But we are here to help! Our tutors will….

Well, we may just have the right thing for you!

Our GCE O/A Level Intensive Revision Program may just be what you need.

A one-stop ‘study clinic’ for students who need a boost in their grades, our revision program believes that there is always hope and time to buck up before the final lap.

We recognize the importance of these final examinations for our students and aim to motivate and encourage students as they prepare for their O/A Levels.


Cost Effective

Many last minute revision programs cost a fortune, but may not necessarily produce the expected results.

As our crash course is held in micro groups, the cost is split while the amount of discussion around work is increased, making for the most ideal situation in revising.

Our micro-sized group revision program gives you the flexibility of individual home tuition at a much lower price than what many tuition agencies out there charge.

Experienced & Qualified Tutors

Our experienced tutors will be able to guide the student along, patiently helping them every step along the way.

With almost a decade of experience under our belts, our tutors go through a stringent short listing process to ensure only the cream of the crop is chosen to represent us in tutoring students.

With access to specifically prepared materials accumulated over the years, our tutors will come up with customized lesson plans that cater to your child’s needs.

There is no time to waste! Mai tu liao! Sign up for our GCE O/A Levels Intensive Revision Program today!

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