Your Child is not coping well in school? Keep getting Cs when you know he/she could have done much better?
Forgets things shortly after he/she just learnt them in class? Is smart, but lazy to work hard?
SA1 is just over & his/her results are slipping? Starting to lose interest in studies?

You’re overwhelmed with your work, your youngest Child or household chores?
Lack the time & patience to help him/her with schoolwork? No one to help them at home?
Your Child refused your help because you teach differently from the Teacher or you’re too emotionally involved?

You’ve spent alot of money on Tuition Classes but his/her results are not showing?

Your Child Needs a Tutor.

Here are the 7 Factors to consider when looking for the P.E.R.F.E.C.T Tutor for your Child:


Your Child gets Immediate & Specific feedback with our 1 to 1 Tuition.

You Do Not Have a Choice of Teachers in School/Tuition Centres.
Here, You Choose the Tutor Your Child will Best Respond To.


Your Child may not absorb 100% of what was taught in school & Tuition helps cover the remaining he/she left out in class. Not only that, our Tutors can immediately correct your Child when he/she makes mistakes in homework & revise the weaker topics till he/she fully understands.

Children often accept academic help much better from a Teacher/Tutor than from their own Parents. Think of previous Teachers he/she liked & how they worked best with your Child’s learning style. Your Child do not get choice of Teachers in school & tuition centres, so make sure your Tutor is a good fit.


Experienced Tutors can effortlessly identify your Child’s Weaker Areas & adjust their Teaching Style promptly.

They are familiar with Demands of Exam Syllabus & can get your Child on track for Better Grades.


A Tutor with zero or little experience might not be familiar with the latest syllabus or not clear in his/her explanation when teaching, whereas an Experienced one will not only help organize concepts in an easy-to-understand manner for your Child, improve their study habits, understand their own learning styles, but also help them unlock the door to self-confidence & love of learning.



Different Tutors charge Different Rates due to their Experience & Qualifications.

We get you Qualified Tutors staying Nearer to you, so that they save Time & Money travelling to your place & you pay Lesser Fees!

Here at LiteTutors, we are COMMITTED to providing the BEST TUTORS at the MOST COMPETITIVE RATES!

However, Blacklisted Tutors & Cheating Cases do exist in today’s Tuition industry. It is the Agency’s, as well as the Parent’s duty, to ensure the correct Tutor turns up for lessons.

Quite a number of Parents had such bad experience previously & they only realized after many months of tuition & thousands of dollars wasted, that the Tutor was not qualified, or is actually the younger sibling of the correct Tutor.

Some Parents even unknowingly engaged BLACKLISTED Tutors who usually lie about their qualifications & experience, disappear with Parent’s payment, always postponing & cancelling lessons when near exams.

Here, our Staff will be present with Tutor on the 1st lesson to go through Tutor’ IC & Certs with you. Only then will you be assured of the quality of the Tutor you are paying for!

What can be worse than you paying a Current School Teachers’ rate (>$50/hr) for a student claiming to be a school relief teacher? Or an GCE A Level student awaiting entry into University charging you a Full-Time Tutors’ rate?


8 X 1.5hrs / month

4 X 2hrs / month (if < 2 subjects)
for Primary Level


4 X 2hrs / month

8 X 1.5hrs / month or
4 X 3hrs /month (for > 3 subjects)
for Secondary Level & above

Requesting for your Tutor to cover 3 subjects within 1 lesson of 1.5hours in a week would mean that each subject can only occupy average of 30mins of Tuition time.

While the most experienced Tutor can easily achieve that, but how many % of the information taught can your Child actually absorb within that 30mins? Would your Child even have time to clarify any doubts?

If not given enough time to organize & digest the information, there’s simply no way your Child can improve.

Furthermore, our Tutors tend to charge CHEAPER rates if you go for more lessons in a week or increase the duration of each lesson. If your Child finds it difficult to sit through more than 1hour of lesson, it is advisable to give a 5mins break so that he/she can focus better for the rest of the lesson.



Different Children will experience Different Results. Even with the Same Tutor.

Our Tutors can help your Child grow into a Self-Motivated, Confident & Independent Learner capable of achieving Better Grades. 

But not without his/her Hard Work & Determination to Succeed.

As a Parent, you know your Child better than anyone else. You know his/her strengths & weaknesses, good & bad habits & also when he/she really needs some help. Tuition is meant to complement & supplement classroom learning, so you’ll need a Tutor who is strong in the subjects your Child needs help in. Your Child wouldn’t want too much Tuition too, so he/she should make the most out of that 1.5hrs or 2hrs of lesson, ask as many relevant questions & clarify as many doubts as he/she can instead of doing his/her homework.

With a Tutor to help you keep an eye on your Child’s academic results & teaching them to be more responsible for their own work, it’ll leave you more quality time to enjoy with your Child & your family!


Current / Ex School Teachers

  • Limited Timeslots
  • Max 6hrs Tuition/week (MOE Guideline)
  • Tend to charge higher rates
  • Always place their work (School) in 1st priority
  • Not ALLOWED to teach students from the same school

Would have either a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) Cert, Diploma in Education Cert, MOE Staff Pass or MOE Appointment Letter.

Full-Time Tutors

  • Tuition Fees are their only source of income
  • Charges vary depending on qualifications & experience
  • Usually have their own teaching materials
  • Not holding any Part-Time Jobs
  • Not intending to futher their studies
  • A Level Graduates waiting for University Admission not accepted

Would have Degree or Diploma Certificates from Institution they graduated from, Ex-Sch Teachers would have either a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) Cert, Diploma in Education Cert, MOE Staff Pass or MOE Appointment Letter.

Part-Time Tutors (Graduates)

  • Holding on to another full-time job
  • Charges vary depending on qualifications & experience
  • Timeslots usually limited to Weekdays Evenings & Weekends
  • Usually place their full-time job in 1st priority (if they need to do OT, they might have to postpone/cancel your lesson)

Would have Degree or Diploma Certificates from Institution they graduated from, Ex-Sch Teachers would have either a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) Cert, Diploma in Education Cert, MOE Staff Pass or MOE Appointment Letter.

Part-Time Tutors (Undergraduates)

  • Popular choice among parents
  • 20+ years old, quite mature
  • Rates are more negotiable
  • Adequate experience
  • Sometimes might need to reschedule tuition timings due to school work or projects
  • Exams period usually Apr/May & Nov/Dec for NUS, NTU students

Would have Matriculation Card, EZ-Link Student Card

Part-Time Tutors (Poly / A Level Students)

  • 16+ years old, not so mature
  • Very young, mostly 0 teaching experience
  • Tend to postpone lessons very often, esp nearing exam period

Would have Matriculation Card, EZ-Link Student Card

Note: We have encountered several Tutors who lied about their GCE N/O/A Levels Grades, get their younger siblings or friends with no teaching experience to turn up for the tuition after agreeing on the rates & even producing fake University Certificates (some cases involving the police). Every new Tutor you engage from us, you will expect to see our Staff present with the Tutor earlier on the 1st lesson, going through the IC & relevant Certificates with you to make sure everything is accurate as communicated over phone/SMS/whatsapp before Tutor can commence the lesson.



No More Rushing to be On Time for Tuition.
Relax & Wait for Tutor to Arrive.

Easily Arrange for Missed / Extra Lessons.

Monitor your Child’s Progress Efficiently.


The best time for Tuition is when your Child’s mind is freshest, brain is functioning most optimally, which is why majority of Parents prefer Weekends Morning or Weekdays Evening slots.

Having a warm shower after a long day in school certainly helps freshen up your Child.

In cases where your Child’s school extra lessons or CCA schedule clashes with the Tuition timing, you can easily rearrange the timeslots with your Tutor.

However, our Tutors usually take more than 1 student, so be sure to snap up your Child’s required no. of weekly lessons before your Tutor fill it up with other students’.

You will then have to either:

  • keep to only 1 lesson a week with current Tutor
  • get another Tutor who is available for 2 lessons or more a week (when your Child is already very comfortable with your current one & you’ve no idea if your Child will even like the new one)


Get me a P.E.R.F.E.C.T Tutor for my Child NOW!

I need a Tutor who can:

[list icon=”check-circle” font_size=”16″ icon_color=”#ff0000″ text_color=”#000000″ columns=”1″ bottom_margin=”20″]

  • provide a LESS STRESSFUL, MORE COMFORTABLE environment for my Child to RAISE QUESTIONS
  • STAYS NEARER to ME, so that I can get a BETTER RATE!
  • FEEDBACK to ME REGULARLY with regards to my Child’s PROGRESS
  • make my MONEY WORTH (able to see IMPROVEMENTS in my Child’s Results)


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