Mdm Lim

Cherlyn’s English results IMPROVED from 40+% to 88% for SA2! Something we never expected to see, because we understand that English is a language subjects & many of my friends have sent their children to English tuition with either negligible or little improvement. I used to send her to tuition centre too, but there was no improvement. My girl tend to be more playful, easily distracted, the large group at the tuition centre makes it worse for her. Tutor Yan Ling is very serious & responsible, she is able to get along well with her & firm at times. She helps target her weaker area, namely grammar & vocabulary. Previously my girl never dreamt of being able to do so well! She is so CONFIDENT of aiming to get into Bukit Panjang Govt High or Nanyang Girls’ High. Thank you LiteTutors for sending Yan Ling to us, Yan Ling helped us a great deal! I have met an agency so professional, really happy with your services! Would highly recommend you guys to parents whose children are playful, easily distracted.