Ms Herlina

Results SOARED from 23/100 to 43/100 within JUST 2 MONTHS! Even her School Teacher was very SURPRISED & PROUD of her! Now Ikabella is SPARED from having to take up foundation level for Maths. Ikabella was so HAPPY when she received her results that she called me immediately, at the same time, she was abit worried because she still fail her Maths paper. Got to know from her school teacher that the exam papers were TOUGHER this time round & the class average was only 66.5/100. Tutor Felicia is more like a family member to us, an elder sister to Ikabella. Previously we engaged a Full-Time Tutor in her late thirties, but she was too strict that my girl would cry after lessons, always fearful of attending tuition lessons. Everything changed when we got this good recommendation from you guys, Tutor Felicia helped Ikabella gain more interest in Maths & bring back her confidence, she is now no longer fearful of Maths, not only that, my girl is now more willing to open up & ask for help when she faced challenges in her school work, Ikabella would just call or whatsapp Tutor Felicia & Tutor Felicia would patiently guide her through her homework over the phone. My girl likes Tutor Felicia alot! She’s always looking forward to every lesson, she even told me that she’ll be aiming for a B grade next year! I’m really amazed to see her from being fearful of Maths to being so confident! Kudos to LiteTutors for the effort taken to get such a wonderful tutor for us, will definitely recommend you to my friends!