Ms Shirley

Jolin’s Literature results improved from F9 to C6! English results maintained at B4 despite tougher papers for SA2. My girl was having problems with poems & we were very worried for her. She faced great difficulty understanding sentence structures & comprehension of poems, also on how to elaborate what the question is about. She have no idea how to answer the questions and how to include keywords in her answers. She herself requested for tuition. Tutor Eunice taught her the relevant techniques in answering the exam questions. She attacks on the mistakes Jolin is facing, using past test papers & reminding her to read on the vocabulary as she believes Jolin is capable of doing better. My girl was feeling very lost before having Tutor Eunice, she has now built up much confidence from Tutor Eunice’s coaching & have a strong grasp of critical techniques in tackling open-ended questions more skillfully. We all like how Tutor Eunice would always feedback to us regarding Jolin’ progress after every tuition lesson. This has helped us greatly as we parents do not usually take note of their difference until it was too late. With this feedback, we are able to help out when necessary. Jolin is happier now & we would like to thank LiteTutors for getting us a tutor who is able to guide & encourage Jolin in her Literature & English!