Ms Tan

Elizabeth’s Science improved from 57 in SA1 to 75 in SA2! & an improvement from Band 2 to Band 1 for English! My girl was previously in group tuition at a tuition centre, she did not show any improvement as she is shy & dared not ask questions. She has difficulty in answering questions, not knowing how to go about it. Tutor Jessica Goh helps her by teaching her the required techniques & important concepts in answering the questions. She is now able to understand clearer. Now, with 1 to 1 home tuition, she feels less stressful and is now more comfortable raising questions in her familiar environment. My girl is now happier & we will be continuing lessons with Jessica. Thank you LiteTutors for getting us such a fantastic Tutor who is able to get along well with my girl & also motivate her in her studies!